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Why Receding Gums Hurt So Much

Posted on 3/13/2018 by ROOT™ Periodontal and Implant Center
Receding Gums ROOT™ Periodontal and Implant Center TX 75006First off, let's talk about the causes of receding gums. One of the main reasons why our gums recede is poor oral hygiene. Periodontal disease is linked to receding gums too, so is wear and tear, and inflammation in the gum tissue.

Also, some people can be more prone to get receding gums, because it can be inherited, the inherited factors for gum receding is, the tooth position and gum thickness.

The wear and tear on your teeth that can cause receding can happen when you brush too hard or the use the wrong type of bristles on a toothbrush. One of the reasons why it hurts is because of exposed roots. When the roots are exposed that can cause sensitivity to hot or cold substances and even sweets can make them hurt.

The Treatments Used for Receding Gums

The first thing we need to do is to determine what's causing the receding. If its poor oral hygiene, gum disease, if its inherited, or the use of tobacco products. Once we find out the cause we can try to eliminate it so the receding stops and there will be no future receding.

•  Root Planing - Simply known as deep cleansing. We may use some special tools to try and remove the plaque and tartar on your roots where your gums may be receding.
•  In some special cases a Gum graft may be used to treat receding gums. We will take some healthy gum tissue from the roof of your mouth and replace the missing gum tissue.
•  Severe cases of gum recession the bone might have been destroyed, and in that case we would have to do a surgical procedure where we will place regenerative material to help the bones and the tissue grows back.

However, gum recession happens over a period of years, it is really hard to spot, especially if you don't experience any pain with it, but if you start to notice that one of your teeth starts to get longer than normal or the spaces in between your teeth widen it may be a good idea to give us a call, so we can check you out!
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