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Cigarette Smoking's Impact on Your Mouth

Posted on 1/17/2018 by ROOT™ Periodontal and Implant Center
Smoking ROOT™ Periodontal and Implant Center TX 75006A lot of people who start smoking don't immediately think about its effects on their mouth. They know it isn't good for them, but they don't always know the specific dangers that the mouth is exposed to when they do it.

If you smoke, we can help you get to the point of quitting if you want a little help. It is important that you know what dangers you are exposing your body to each time you pick up another cigarette. Here are a few of the things that smoking does, just in your mouth.

Dangers That Come from Cigarettes

The first type of damage your mouth encounters is the heat. Smoking is hot, and the more you do it, the more damage the heat can do to your mouth. Many smokers have wound up with burns to their lips and tongue from smoking the cigarette down just a little too close to the filter or by smoking filter-less cigarettes.

Another type of damage includes exposing your mouth to the carcinogens that come right out of the cigarette itself. There are thousands of cancer-causing agents that come out of a standard cigarette. If you smoke regularly, your chances of getting some type of oral cancer significantly rise.

Your gums and teeth take a ton of damage when you smoke. It can increase your chances of both gum disease and tooth decay, which then increase the likeliness of tooth loss. Plus, it dries out the gums, causing them to struggle to maintain their grip on your teeth to hold them in their proper positions.

Don't smoke if you can help it. If you need help quitting, come in and see us. We will do whatever we can to help. Call our office for help correcting the damage done by cigarettes once you quit, as well.
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