Dental Implants: Reclaim a more youthful appearance

Tooth loss can easily make you look older than you are. An empty space adds years to your smile, and the subsequent bone loss can give the lips and mouth a shrunken appearance.

When you work with an implant dentist, you can reverse the aging effects of tooth loss and gain a fully functional tooth replacement.

Because they replace the tooth’s root and crown, dental implants are more natural in appearance than other alternatives.

More importantly, though, dental implants halt the process of jawbone resorption, which occurs when a tooth’s root is no longer available to anchor the bone.

When the implant dentist places the devices, they fuse with the bone becoming a permanent structure and stabilizing the jaw.

By preventing bone loss, the dental implants can simultaneously prevent additional tooth loss, which will age the smile’s appearance.

Dental implants can even help shave years from the appearance of a denture wearer’s smile. When people wear dentures for long periods of time, the bone shrinks and the lips become pinched. Dental implants anchor the bone, though, eliminating that problem.

In comparison, other tooth replacement methods, like bridges and dental implants do not have any similar structure that stabilizes the underlying bone. As the bone shrinks, those appliances need to be replaced.

When a bridge is used, it requires crowns to be placed on adjacent teeth as supports. Those crowns necessitate the removal of healthy enamel, as well.

The prosthetic crowns and dentures supported by dental implants are made of remarkably lifelike materials that mimic biological tooth enamel. It’s entirely possible that an observer wouldn’t be able to distinguish the implant from the natural tooth next to it. This quality also enhances the smile’s aesthetics.

Dental implants are durable and convenient, and they can give your smile a more youthful appearance. Patients who have experienced tooth loss should consult with an implant dentist at ROOT Periodontal & Implant Center to determine whether they can benefit from this treatment option.  Call 972-242-7603 for an appointment today.